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Volunteer with SCCO

To Our Neighbors: There are many reasons to volunteer with SCCO – your second hand is just one of them!  Others include property values and quality of life, the chance to work on a team or to apply skills learned at the office in a neighborhood setting, the fun of accomplishing things around the community and addressing problems, or the opportunity to challenge yourself while helping others.  My reason is simply to “pay it forward” – while raising my children in Spring Creek, I enjoyed the shade of trees planted by others.  It is now my time to plant.


We have several positions with varying commitments and needs.  You might be interested in serving as a City Liaison, a Committee Member, or a Block Captain.

And, if you would like to volunteer but are not sure how to move forward, just reach out to me or any other SCCO Board member at  We’d love to hear from you.

Gregg Thorsen

SCCO President

Volunteer Opportunities

Social Team

Graphic Designer.  Help the social events committee by creating graphics for virtual and in person events.

Event Coordinator.  Coordinate one of four in person events throughout the year. Each event ideally has two event coordinators to help with tasks such as: event activities, event promotion, event raffle prizes from local businesses and other day of event coordination.

Memorial Day Picnic Committee Member. (Number Needed: 15) 

Background: SCCO has a rich history of coming together to celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who have offered the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our nation and our freedoms.  Without a Committee, the Memorial Day event may not be held in 2022.

Description: This year’s celebration will possibly include a program, picnic, and activities.  The Committee will be responsible for planning and carrying out the event, including: 

  • Finding a location

  • Coordinating a 15-20 minute program, which will celebrate the reason for the holiday

  • Organizing picnic activities, including possibly music

  • Food/snacks/treats provided by SCCO

  • Communication coordination with the Fifth Vice President Communication

  • Clean up

  • Other activities as determined by the Committee

Note:  Possible resources for the Committee include:   Spring Creek Elementary School, a local SCCO live band, numerous United States flags, Boy Scout Troop 570, Cub Scout Pack 570, and SCCO budget.

Communications Team

Print Newsletter Contributor.  Contribute one article each quarter for the SCCO print newsletter (200-500 words), focused on local news, seasonal interest pieces, neighborhood updates, and fun facts. No experience needed - just a passion for sharing helpful news to our neighbors! All ages are eligible.


Digital Newsletter Contributor. Contribute timely/relevant information for monthly e-newsletters. Maintain a pulse on local news, Dallas District 11 changes, neighborhood updates/improvements, school events, and neighborly news. No experience needed – just a passion for sharing helpful news to our neighbors and knowing what's going on in the neighborhood! All ages are eligible.


Social Media Contributor.  Maintain SCCO's Facebook and Instagram and assist in scheduling weekly content or simply providing images/news for SCCO to share. A general understanding of Facebook or Instagram is all that's required! All ages are eligible.


Advertising Coordinator. (Number Needed: 2) 

Background: SCCO relies on advertising to fund its communications including the annual membership directory, the bi-weekly e-newsletter, and the quarterly print newsletter.  Without advertising, these publications may not be possible.


Description: The Advertising Coordinators facilitate new and renewal advertising from local businesses including solicitation, invoicing (with assistance from the Treasurer), collection follow-up, and coordinating publication with the SCCO communication team.  Advertising is available in the follow publications:

  • SCCO membership directory (circulation:  300+ homes once a year)

  • SCCO e-newsletter (circulation:  780+ email addresses bi-weekly)

  • SCCO print newsletter (circulation: 478 homes quarterly)


Note:  SCCO has 4 current advertisers that will need to be approached to possibly renew plus a 5th who is about to subscribe. 

Community Improvement Team

Task Force for Safety/Beautification Captial Plans.


Number Needed:15-20 (7-10 for each task force)

Background: SCCO has capital reserves that can be used to fund improvements in neighborhood safety and beautification, the top two priorities from the November 2020 SCCO members survey.  Before accessing the funds, SCCO needs to develop a capital improvement plan for approval by SCCO members.

Description: Two task forces are needed – one for safety and the second for beautification.  Each task force will meet as many times as needed (likely 2-4 times a year) to discuss opportunities for improvement.  Each task force will prepare a report for consideration by the SCCO Board and ultimately SCCO Members.  Task Force members may receive assignments to fulfill outside of the meetings (such as researching what other neighborhoods do, developing high level cost estimates for different improvements, preparing and reviewing the task force’s reports, and the like).

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