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Volunteers in Patrol

The information you provide will be used solely for the Volunteers in Patrol to contact you regarding crime prevention hazards, suspicious activity or emergencies around your home or in our neighborhood and surrounding areas.  It also includes important information detailed in our Crime Watch Newsletter.  Thank you in advance for helping the VIP to keep our community safe!

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Our homes are surrounded by apartments, businesses, pass-through traffic and multiple street accesses which makes it challenging to eliminate neighborhood crimes.  Informed homeowners help keep our crime numbers low.  The emailed Crime Watch Newsletter timely provides Spring Creek residents with reports about criminal activity in the neighborhood, helpful tips on crime prevention, and updates from the Dallas Police Department.

Your Volunteers in Patrol

Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) is a neighborhood crime prevention initiative of the Dallas Police Department.  It is intended to create safer communities by reducing and eliminating crime through active resident involvement.  Homeowner volunteers are trained by the Dallas police to observe, recognize and report any suspicious or criminal activity while patrolling their respective neighborhoods.

Work of the Volunteers in Patrol

The VIP functions as the “eyes and ears” of the Dallas police in our community,  Working in teams of two or more, volunteers patrol the Spring Creek neighborhood on a 24/7 random basis and report all questionable activity to the appropriate authorities.  Patrollers must also be alert to situations that are not in themselves suspicious but might encourage criminal activity such as open garage doors, toys/bikes sitting on porches or tools left in front yards.

Patrollers use their own personal vehicles with signage attached identifying them as a VIP patrol and may also use a flashing amber car light to send a message that the Spring Creek community is attentive to potential criminal endeavors.  The VIP does not confront suspicious persons or otherwise intervene in suspected criminal incidents

Join the VIP!

The VIP program helps the Spring Creek neighborhood maintain a relatively low crime rate.  Participation significantly aids in crime prevention and increases camaraderie among neighbors.  The requested time commitment is 15+ annual patrols (typically two hours per patrol) which volunteers arrange to suit their individual schedules.  All volunteers must pass a criminal background check and complete a Dallas Police Department VIP Training Class.  The half-day classes are held multiple times throughout the year on weekends and at nights for volunteers to learn methods to recognize and properly report suspicious activity.  


Email your interest in joining the VIP to

Donations to support VIP efforts are gratefully appreciated.  Contact to make a check or cash donation in which 100% of the proceeds support VIP activities.

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