Volunteers in Patrol (VIP)

What is VIP?

Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) is a neighborhood patrol program designed to reduce crime through increased cooperation between citizens and the Dallas Police Department. (Independent of Spring Creek Civic Organization) Citizen volunteers donate their time to patrol their neighborhoods. The volunteers are trained by the DPD to observe, recognize & report any suspicious or criminal activity.
It is a non-confrontational exercise.

The program brings the neighborhood closer together by building camaraderie between residents, which creates a safer environment and a better quality of life. The VIP program sends a message that our neighborhood is aware and alert, and that we will not tolerate criminal activity.

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What does VIP do?

Trained VIP volunteers go out in teams of two, patrolling the alleys and streets of
Spring Creek on a 24x7 random basis. Our aim is to function as the “eyes and ears”
of the Dallas Police Department in our neighborhood. Criminal or suspicious activity prompts a call to 911.


The VIP Program is non-confrontational, volunteers always remaining inside their
vehicle. VIP volunteers drive their own vehicles, which are highly visible—signs are attached and some make use of a flashing amber light. DPD provides all training and certifies our patrollers.


VIP volunteers are alert to activity or situations that, while not suspicious, might help create problems or criminal activity, such as an open garage door, a fence gate ajar,
or tools/toys left in a front yard.

Why should I join VIP?

We in Spring Creek enjoy a relatively low crime rate as a result of our VIP Program. Participation significantly aids in crime prevention. The time commitment averages 
3 to 5 hours per month. Patrol times are scheduled by you. Best of all, you will join
the most interesting group of people you may not yet know, your neighbors!

How Do I Join VIP?
What Happens After I Join?

All volunteers must attend a Dallas Police Department VIP Training Class. The class is held multiple times throughout the year and you will learn to learn how to recognize and properly report suspicious activity to the police.


VIP meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month. All residents are welcome!


Other VIP Administrative & Promotional Volunteer Opportunities are available as well, beyond patrolling too!